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‌Hotmail support: Hotmail is used by millions of people each day all over the world. Many people face several problems while using Hotmail. There’s a Hotmail support team to help people. However, it’s not possible for a small team to serve Millions of users. And Some times, it’s better to fix silly problems by self instead of the approaching support team.

Below I’m providing all the possible ways to get help from the Hotmail Support

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Here I will tell you how exactly you can approach Hotmail Support team and get immediate help. Hotmail has a different support team for different countries. f you need quick help in simple do follow the below-given steps. These steps will help you to reach a live support person.

  • First of All login to your Hotmail account.
  • After logging in, In the left right corner of the page, you can see Help button. Click on that.
  • You can also choose to Contact us option which is available at the right end of the page.

The above two methods are the hassle-free and easy way to contact a live person at Hotmail.

Hotmail Login Support

If you have issues with Hotmail Login, then you can contact Hotmail login support team.

Some times due to many reasons you can’t login to your Hotmail account. For example, if you account blocked for some reason, then you can contact Hotmail Login support team immediately to get back your account.

In order to get contact Hotmail support team, follow the below steps.

  • Click on this link for Hotmail Login support.
  • This will take you to a page, where you have can find solutions to Hotmail login problems.
  • There are three support departments. One is for Business, IT & developer, second for Microsoft Store and the third for Support answer desk.
  • Choose support Answer desk, where you can support related to your Hotmail account.

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Hotmail Sign Up Support

Hotmail Sign up Support is similar to Hotmail login support. In this case, I personally feel you need not to contact Hotmail support. If you are unable to sign up for Hotmail, then you can fix it by yourself. Below are some quick actionable steps you can follow for Hotmail sign up with out any issues.

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  • Details you enter during Hotmail sign up are correct.
  • Check your date of birth is correct. Many people choose the wrong date of birth. If you are under age to use Hotmail, then Hotmail will not let you sign up.
  • Try to enter Captcha correctly. Many people enter the wrong captcha and contact the support for help.
  • Username should be available. If someone already took that username then you can’t use it for Hotmail sign up.
  • Make sure Both passwords match. If they don’t match, then you can’t sign up for Hotmail.
  • In some rare cases, if you use already used a mobile number to create a Hotmail account, you may get an error. So change the mobile number and try again.

The above suggestions will fix most of the problems during Hotmail sign up. Still, if you can’t fix then you can contact Hotmail Sign up the Support team.

Hotmail Account Recovery Support

If you remember your password but it isn’t working, make sure that Caps Lock is turned off and that your email address is spelled correctly. If that didn’t work, then once clear your browser cache and try to log in. Still, if doesn’t work, then follow the below steps.

  • Go to
  • Enter your registered Hotmail email address
  • Click on Next
  • This time instead of entering a password, click on forgot the password.
  • This will take you to Hotmail Account Recovery page. Where you have to enter some information to recover your Hotmail address
  • Now you will have to verify that registered email address belongs to you. You can do this verification via One Time Password on your mobile number or on recovery email address added to your Hotmail account.
  • After verification, you will be able to create a new password.

For more information click on Recover Hotmail Account

Still, if you face any issue, you can contact Hotmail Account Recovery Support team using below links.

Contact Microsoft Support Team


1. How much time will it take to get a reply from Support? 

Hotmail/Microsoft support is quick. Even though they get thousands of complaints each day, they will get back to their users within 24 hours to fix their issues. So you can expect a reply from Microsoft support agent, within a day. In very rare cases, it takes more than 24 hours.

2. Is Hotmail Support Free or Paid? 

Hotmail Support is absolutely free of cost. You need not to pay a single penny to get your issues fixed.

Conclusion: Hotmail aka Microsoft support team is really quick and the best. They will identify your issue, they will understand your issue and provide assistance immediately. Support team will fix most of the problems related to your registered email address. If you don’t know how to contact them via Email or Chat, you can also call them. Below are Hotmail Support Contact Numbers.

Hotmail UK Support: 0800 098 8592

Hotmail Global Support: +1-888-828-9864

If you have any other questions, let us know in below comments. We are always here to help you.

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